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Fender Serial Number Database Japanese Internment

Fender Serial Number Database Japanese Internment

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Fender Serial Number Database Japanese Internment


^ Bergstrm 2007, p. Annular radiator on a wrecked Ju 88 . London: Peerage Books. The lake was being used as an improvised airfield by the Germans, who were conducting operations against Allied naval ships and against the towns of Namsos and Narvik[61] Towards the end of April, warmer weather made the frozen lake surface unusable for flying operations and a number of aircraft were abandoned on the ice, sinking into the lake when it melted completely.[61] The Ju 88 was recovered in late 2003, in an operation that also saw the recovery of a Heinkel 111 (Werk Nr. The attacking force achieved complete surprise and sunk over 20 Allied ships in the overcrowded harbour, including the U.S. The Ju 88C series of standard fighter-bomber versions from the C-2 onwards culminated in the Ju 88 C-6, applying experience acquired with the A-4 bomber, equipped with the same Jumo 211J engines but replacing the "beetle's eye" nose glazing with a smoothly curved all-metal nose, pierced only by the barrels of its forward-firing offensive armament. Attack bomber[edit]. Dressel, Joachim and Manfred Griehl. Retrieved: 15 April 2012. This feature allowed the main wheels to end up above the lower end of the strut when fully retracted [N 1] and was adopted as standard for all future production Ju 88s, and only minimally modified for the later Ju 188 and 388 developments of it.


44 Sqn, which had previously operated Bristol Blenheims, but these were instead transferred to No. Ju 88P[edit]. Some crews were reported to be more scared of the Ju 88 than the enemy, and requested a transfer to an He 111 unit.[33] By this time, major performance deficiencies in the A-1 led to an all-out effort in a major design rework. Ju 88 A Ju 88A over France in 1942. ..


Long-range photo-reconnaissance, fighter variants, based on the stretched Ju 88G-series fuselage. The Battle of Britain proved very costly. 47. ^ a b "The use of Jonsvatnet as a temporary Airfield during April 1940." Luftwaffe . ^ Munson 1983, p. Ju 88 A-5, Werk Nr. Throughout the production, the basic structure of the aircraft remained unchanged.[4]. Survivors[edit]. 11,080 kg (c.


"The Hugo Junkers Homepage Junkers Ju88 / Ju188 / Ju388 / Ju488 / Mistel". The capture of this aircraft was of great intelligence value at the time, as it was fitted with the latest UHF-band FuG 202 Liechtenstein BC A.I radar, for which a new form of the Window radar interference method, set up for UHF-band airborne radar jamming, was developed soon afterwards. MacKay, Ron. Osprey Publishing. Wlfersheim-Berstadt, Germany: Podzun-Pallas Verlag, 2004.


Hooton, E.R. Junkers Ju 88. ^ a b c d e War Machine, Aerospace Publishing, 1983, p. 51. A captured Junkers Ju 88A-5, RAF serial HM509, of No. ^ Bergstrm 2007, p. ^ [File:Ju 88 woodbridge.pdf] ^ Weal 2000, p. 695846ea4d

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